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Earn Money Playing Music From Our Database

There is NO SIGN UP FEE and there are no NO MONTHLY CHARGES. 

To get started using our platform DJs must request a special DJ invitation email.


SpinStatz was created to help DJs do what they love on a full time basis. With our platform DJs are able to earn extra cash. Our system is comprised of several programs that are designed to create extra streams of income for DJs.

Johnny O: CEO Nerve DJS


Spinstatz has been responsible for several new artists obtaining major record deals. This is because we offer great incentives to our DJs for being a part of our system. When you mix great incentives with the support of over 8,000 DJs BIG things happen. Imagine what SpinStatz can do for your reputation as a DJ.

How much money can a DJ make?

     The amount of money a DJ can make depends solely on each DJ.

How do I get paid?

     We pay DJs using PayPal or Cash app. Soon registered DJs will receive a debit card where all of their earnings will be applied.

What type DJs can use the system?

     Currently we support all DJ types and all genres of music. If you are a wedding DJ, club, event, or online DJ you can use our system.

All events and clubs must have a minimum of 100 people in attendance

Online DJs must show proof of a minimum of 50 concurrent listeners

Mobile App

DJs can use our mobile app at their events to report spins and go live.

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Our system is made up of over 8,000 DJs including DJs from many popular DJ coalitions.