SpinStatz Gospel Division
(You NEED To Be Heard)

Why you should use SpinStatz:

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    Worldwide Exposure is something that is not easy to acheive. We have done the hard part for you.
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    GUARANTEED Results are a product of using SpinStatz to promote your next music project. When  you create a music campaign your music is going to get played no question. It's a NO-Brainer
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    Costs ONLY $100 to sign up. Your message needs to be heard. Let Us Help.

Now that We've Got Your Attention, it's Time to Talk About how you can use SpinStatz to promote your Next Project...

The music industry has offered several options over the years to help artists and labels gain exposure for new music but the question must be asked why isn't anything working? The bottom line is that there is no EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE tool available to independents. 

Top performing music campaigns in the SpinStatz system will have the opportunity to go on a paid performance tour arranged by SpinStatz. Once your popularity increases within our system we will be able to book performance dates for you. Each performance we book for you will be all expenses paid plus you will earn top dollar. It is our goal to help artists and labels connect some of the dots of the music industry. 

Using SpinStatz you'll get the following benefits:


​Detailed Statistics

​When a music campaign is created each account gets a user dashboard that gives detailed statistics of when your music is played.

​Video Proof

Users get an added layer of comfort SpinStatz provides video footage of DJs playing your music. There is no more wondering if your music is actually being played.

Customized DJ Selection

When a music campaign is created users are able to select which DJs they would like to play their music. DJs can be selected by country, state, city or by DJ coalition.

SpinStatz Just Makes Sense

We've already begun the PROCESS of notifying gospel DJs about our revolutionary new system. We have had an overwhelming response from DJs to the benefits of being a part of our platform. DJs now will have much needed stats that will allow them to show proof that they participated in the success of music projects. Given the fact that there are so many DJs in our system that will be working for the same cause the success rate of artists that use our system will increase greatly.

Using SpinStatz is a NO-BRAINER. There is absolutely no other solution available that offers all of the assurances that SpinStatz has.  The fact that DJs are excited abuout playing all music submitted into our system is a very good reason to have your next project ready to be added as a music campaign. Take into consideration the willingness to play all music submitted into our system and the sheer number of DJs working together in the SpinStatz system. It is GUARANTEED that the vast MAJORITY of artists using our system will gain the exposure needed to take their music ministries to new levels.

You've wasted enough time using old methods that only seem to have you in an endless loop spending money trying to make it in the gospel music industry. It's time to give your music the shot it deserves . We have given you all the information you need to guide your career down a more sensible path. At this point, 
the DECISION is yours!!!!!!

DJs are EXCITED and are signing up daily.

Take a Look at What You'll Get in the User Dashboard...


The dashboard will allow users to keep track of every DJ participating in their campaign. It also gives detailed statistics such as how often a DJ plays the music each day of the week.


Get In On the Beta Test of our System!

We are doing a beta test of our system. 100 Users will be able to enjoy all of the great benefits that come with using SpinStatz.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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What happens when my campaign runs out of money?

Is this system for independents only?

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