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One of the biggest hurdles as an artist is getting your music heard on a consistent basis at several different music venues. If this were an easy task there would be lots more successful artists in the music industry. Imagine the IMPACT artists will have that are able to use our system to have their music played by several DJs, for WEEKS, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This is exactly the edge that SpinStatz is providing.

Watch Now!!

The following video gives you a live run through of the SpinStatz Music Campaign Dashboard. See for yourself how you will have control over where your music is played and how you will be able to track the activity of your music.

Our System In 8 Easy Steps

Step 1

Create a campaign by entering your company and artist details.

Step 2

Deposit your budget.

Step 3

Upload artwork and music.

Step 4

Set the amount of money DJs will get paid each time they play your music.

Step 5

Select clubs in the areas you want your music played. (By Country, State, City or DJ Coalition)

Step 6

Add Youtube video (Optional)

Step 7

Watch as DJs sign up to play your music.

Step 8

View your personal campaign dashboard that shows detailed Statistics.


The dashboard shows you exactly which DJs are playing your music, the club name, location, and times your music is being played.

The dashboard shows video clips of DJs playing your music in the club as proof. These clips can be shared on social media showing your fans the support your project is receiving.

User Dashboard At A Glance

Participating DJs/Organizations

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