How To Use Spinstatz

A Record Pool That Pays DJs

“ We just couldn't believe there was actually a company that is paying DJs to play music. We thought it was a scam.”

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These steps will show you how to earn money using our system.

  • Once Registration is complete do the following


Watch the How To Use Video.

LOG IN ONLINE and watch this video. Watching our instruction video is a MANDATORY step for all DJs in order to unlock your account. This video walks you through our system and explains how our system is to be used. DJs must watch the first 30 seconds to unlock their account.


Add Venue information

Every DJ is required to enter their venue/club information. PRIME TIME can be a DJs entire set time. It is NOT required that songs are played during club prime time hours.


Preview music and find songs you like.

Each song listed in our database shows how much a DJ will get paid each time it is played in a club. Preview music and download as many songs as you like.


Once Music has been Downloaded.

Once a DJ downloads a song or joins a song campaign he or she has 3 weeks to play this song 2 times. We have provided a timer for each song. If a DJ fails to play any downloaded song 2 times he or she will not be able to withdraw money until all songs have received their 2 spins.


Download and Install our mobile app.

Our mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The mobile app will be used to keep DJs up to date on money earned and new music available within selected genres.


Use Our Mobile App To Make Videos

Once a DJ has logged in to our mobile app the app can be used to make video proof when playing music from our system. Press the record icon and the video camera from your mobile device will be activated. We require that music is played at least 60 seconds. The mobile app will record


What We Require in Videos.

Our requirements are simple. We require that videos are clear and we do not want the cameras held at awkward angles. We want to see that your venue is NOT empty when music is played. Show us your computer screen show and show us the crowd. These videos will be given to the labels and the artists as proof their music was played.  All videos will be reviewed before compensation is made.

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