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Wake Up Ft BossMoneyJusto

(Prod by KontrabandBeatz) (Official Music Video)

Bull Pit

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Mojo Jojo

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About the Artist

Jushay Signature

Jushay Signature a.k.a. JSIG, a young fresh new female artist born and raised in Chicago, is on her rise to impact this generation with her unique style of communication. With her dedication, she  is encouraging the youth to remain authentic while having fun. With her newest hot single “Wake Up”, a must listen, JSIG will keep you listening with her unforgettable metaphors and unpredictable cadence! 

“Wake Up” is taking off like the foreign she dreamed of and so many people from around the world are dancing to this jingle single “FeelN like the lottery”. JSIG captured the dance community which powered the #wakeupchallenge. Dancers from the movie “Honey 2”, “The Future Kingz” inspired more dance crews to hop on board such as “Team5000”, “Freaky Day”, and international dancers from France and Nigeria.